Italian Violinist

As an Italian violinist, currently living in Switzerland, Irene Abrigo intrigues people with her deep passion for life, music, and helping others. She is well-traveled and extremely knowledgeable in music, art, literature, and charity. 

Health & Wellness Lover 

Irene engages herself daily in order to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. Beyond music, she finds herself at peace while meditating and doing yoga. She tries to nourish the connection to a quiet and comforting mind, nourished by focusing on her overall wellness and physical and mental health. 

Charitable Soul

Irene's heart also lives in the world of charity.  Ever since young, helping others was a characteristic of her. So, in 2015, she founded her very own cultural association, POURQUOIPAS, where she uses music and education to help those who need it, through various events. Whether it is working with UN Refugees or building schools in India, Irene brings her open heart and charity with her everywhere. Her passion for charity has taken her to many different parts of the world, where she was able to meet people from all walks of life, and because of these experiences, Irene's soul continues to be awakened and inspired and shown through her music.

Italian violinist, Irene Abrigo started playing the violin at the age of 4 at the Aosta Suzuki School. She continued her education at the University of Arts in Switzerland and Austria with Marie-Annick Nicolas, Pierre Amoyal and Corina Belcea and took part in masterclasses with Zakhar Bron, Thomas Füri, Viktor Pikayzen, Itzhak Rashkovsky, Mayumi Seiler and Benjamin Schmid.


Winner of the 2015 Respighi Prize 2015, Irene has made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2016 with the Chamber Orchestra of New York, performing the NY première of the violin concerto by Dirk Brossé “Black, White and in Between”. In 2016 she also performed in Brazil the south America première of the Respighi’s Violin Concerto No.1 and she had her debut with the West Czech Symphony Orchestra in the Czech Republic, with the Mozart Violin Concerto No.5. She collaborates with living composers such as Xavier Dayer, Richard Dubugnon, David Philip Hefti, Heinz Holliger, Mischa Käser, Federico Mantovani, Daniel Schnyder, and premiered several pieces by them including the “Infal’s Songs” for solo violin by Antonmario Semolini (dedicated to her).


Deeply convinced about the social responsibility of art, Irene founded POURQUOIPAS in 2015, a non-profit association organizing concerts, masterclasses and projects with social commitments. Since young, Irene has been truly passionate about Niccolò Paganini, so she collaborated with POURQUOIPAS to create an educational experience titled "Niccolò Paganini: the mystery": a one-hour itinerary discovering truth and mysteries of the composer's life, that ended with a final concert.


Graduated at Liceo Classico “XXIV February” in Aosta, she had in 2008 her Diploma at the Turin Conservatoire, in 2011 her Master of Interpretation at the Geneva University of Arts, in 2015 the Degree in Art, Literature and Performance (DAMS) at the University of Turin with a thesis about Niccolò Paganini, and in 2018 she obtained the Pedagogy Master at the HKB, Bern University of Arts.


She is currently living in Winterthur, Switzerland, and playing a violin by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, Milano 1758, generously on loan to her from a private collector.


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1988: Born
Turin, Italy
1992: Started play violin
Suzuki School in Aosta, Italy
1994: Performing
Torino Suzuki School
Cuceglio, Italy
1996: First time Vivaldi concerto
Teatro Comunale
Florence, Italy
1998: First time string quartet
Aosta, Italy
1997: First time Bach solo concerto
Aosta, Italy
1998: Summer practice
Arezzo, Italy
2002: Serious practice
Aosta, Italy
2007: First time Vivaldi 4 Seasons
Piedmont, Italy
2014: Laureate of Competitions
Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition, Italy
2015: Winner of Respighi Prize
New York, USA
2016: Supporting Indian children
CIAO KIDS Foundation,
2016: Carnegie Hall Debut
New York, USA
2017: Paganini Escape Room
Pully Sound Sound Festival, Switzerland
2018: first time Mozart Sinfonia Concertante
Turin Cathedral, Italy
2019: Back to Carnegie Hall
New York, USA
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1992: Started play violin

Suzuki School in Aosta, Italy