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As maybe a lot of you, I am part of a generation that has never seen historical catastrophes or social crises of this magnitude. We lived the rhetoric of 'we will fight', 'we will get out', 'the hero doctors'... then the clash with reality: the deaths, the way as politics has treated the suffering of individuals, military controls in the neighborhoods, the heavy fines for a mask accidentally worn badly, the cancellation of any type of cultural activity. People were unable to get answers and were treated like children to whom the hard truth cannot be told. 

I have been very, very depressed.

"It will be all right," I said too.

Then, a blow to the heart for another loss, without greetings or warnings.

Artistic & social isolation

It was months, from March to June, full of important projects and great artistic activities, but honestly, I felt: now I don't serve.The suffering that I have experienced has crushed my heart, preventing me from moving, creating, even sometimes to breathe well. After launching the fundraising campaign for independent artists, I retired from everything for a while. A choice to give peace to those who suffered - me included - and space for those who fought at the front at that moment. I stopped posting on social media, putting myself in the shoes of who were suffering. It didn't seem appropriate to me to see artists show their talents among the various 'music will save the world' and a thousand other trivia.

A light in the black

Having received the cancellation of all the concerts until October, I was very pessimistic about the Summer Camp for violinists "Violons dans les vignes" which, since 2018, I organize every July with Madeleine Murray-Robertson. Madeleine, on the other hand, has not stopped believing it, driven also by the strong interest shown by many violinists, and has pushed us to wait for the provisions of the Swiss Federal Council. So, as many years ago, we found ourselves helping each other, with the violin as the common denominator to our deep friendship. Today we have an almost sold-out masterclass, which will take place as scheduled from 6 to 9 July in Aran, Switzerland. (more info:

Social commitment

POURQUOIPAS didn't have a precise plan for our call to supporting independent artists. We didn't know who the money could serve best, including myself. Shortly after my call-to-donations video, I became aware of the critical situation that a couple of dear friends, both independent musicians, were experiencing in their city of residence, in London. On the top of an already critical situation - without concerts confirmed until January 2021, with a small girl to raise and schools closed until September - one of the parents was diagnosed with second-stage cancer.

Having received confirmation from the Canton Zurich that we, artists in Switzerland, would have received a refund of 80% of the cachets lost due to COVID-19, it seemed completely natural to us to devolve part of the donations to this couple.

From the start of the campaign we have raised CHF 4,786.50  and donated a total of CHF 4,390 to this family to contribute to medical costs.

The donations received specifying "contributions for POURQUOIPAS projects" have been retained for our association and will be used for this purpose.

I hope that this news meets our donors' satisfaction as much as they make us proud. 

A look at the past ... and a step to the future

Sometimes I find it better to think that behind certain events there are hooded men, rather than incompetence. I have a dubious feeling that the issue of Coronavirus management at the European level has not been thoroughly investigated. Continents, Nations, Regions, and even Municipalities, each acted in the panic of their individuality, exposing counts of convenience, hiding denial to tampons ... Yet another party exploitation, a race of ego to those who show themselves stronger.

But unfortunately, in this case, nobody can win. We are all losers.

Losers in health, in rights, in freedom, in equality, in justice.

Nobody tells us, to date, how things really went and probably we will never know.

Everything will be fine? I do not know.

I know that I love everything a little more.

And that now it's time to come back on stage.

Sending many greetings,



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