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COVID-19: Support Independent Artists - DONATE NOW

Dear friends and colleagues,  I don't usually comment on newsworthy events, and I won't much here either. But I've been closely following the development of COVID-19, as I'm sure many of you have, since it affects our lives and jobs. As you know, all public events were canceled and the interdiction of going out is just around the corner. All freelance projects have been canceled without fees or reported without guarantees. Especially for independent artists, which have no financial assistance or insurance, it's a dramatic time.

Independent artists without the public are lost.

Beside practicing the violin, making sport and reading books, I am working with my cultural no-profit association POURQUOIPAS to raise money to support independent artists in sever trouble. POURQUOIPAS also finances projects for independent artists as well as considers requests for urgent help from individuals.



ASSOCIATION POURQUOIPAS Chemin du Carroz 10 - 1091 CHENAUXBanque Cantonale Vaudoise - Place Saint François 14, 1001 LausanneIBAN: CH09 00767 000U 5366 9843      BIC/SWIFT: BCVLCH2LXXX


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