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Back in July 2007, at the Tibor Varga Summer course. After having worked on the repertoire for my Violin Degree (6 Paganini Caprices, Tchaikovsky violin concerto, Tartini Devil’s Trill, Mozart Concerto n.5...) he asked me to play a scale. Surprised and a bit in troubles, I started a G Major scale. When I reached the higher note and began to come back he stopped me. “Hey, not three octaves, go on. Four octaves”.

Since then, when I skip my four octaves scales routine I think about him and search to find a moment for it.

I also recall his absolutely wish to hear my 5th Paganini Caprice with the original bow. He in fact played half of the piece for me to show how it should be done. I still keep his edition of Paganini Caprices, it is precious.

Happy 87th birthday Maestro, one of the most lovely teacher and incredibly talented violinist I worked with and keep in my heart.


A protege of David Oistrakh, he is a former prize winner at the Paganini, Queen Elisabeth, Tchaikovsky and Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud International Violin Competitions. Professor Pikayzen served a long term (1966-2016) teaching position on faculty at the Moscow Conservatory.


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